About the Project

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has hired a consultant team, led by Confluence, to complete a marina expansion plan for Weigand Marina in the Lewis and Clark State Recreation Area in Crofton, Nebraska. The Statewide Tourism and Recreational Water Access and Resource Sustainability (STAR WARS) Special Committee of the Nebraska State Legislature identified the Weigand Marina as a geographic area with opportunity for economic development, tourism and recreation, flood control, and water sustainability.

This design effort builds upon previous planning work and the project is funded for construction. Design is underway and marina project construction to occur subject to USACE permitting.

View Before and After of the Marina

View Before and After of the Marina

Use the slider tool below to view an image of the Weigand Marina at Lewis & Clark SRA today and the vision for the expansion!

Existing Weigand Marina New Weigand Marina Expansion

View Different Plan Elements

View Different Plan Elements

Click on the icons on the plan graphic below to learn more about different features on the expansion plan!

View and Enlarge the Weigand Marina Expansion Plan

Before and After Views of New Kayak Launch at Burbach

Before and After Views of New Kayak Launch at Burbach

Use the slider tool below to view before and after views of the New Kayak Launch at Burbach.

Kayak Launch - Existing Conditions Kayak Launch - Expansion Plan Rendering

Fly-Through Video of Weigand Marina Expansion

Watch a fly-through video of the Weigand Marina Expansion

Sunset Renderings

View sunset renderings from the amenity deck


Operations of the Weigand Marina expansion is still under development, and many decisions are yet to be made, such as

  • Policy on reuse of lifts and canopies
  • Annual slip holder pricing
  • Promotion of sign-up list for new marina
  • Trailer parking location and availability

NGPC is still evaluating potential options for these items listed above. Updates will be available in the fall of 2023.

Questions that can be answered at this time include: