Engagement Activities

Thank you for participating!

Click through each tab below to provide input on a vision for the future of Belton! There are five engagement activities in total, and this should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Activities include:

  • Tell Us! - tell us about your views on Belton's strengths and weaknesses and your ideas for the future!
  • Map It! - zoom through the map of Belton and drop a comment on your favorite place, an idea you have, things you want to see more of, and things you want to see less of!
  • Show Us! - upload images or general comments or ideas that you want to see in Belton and see what your fellow community members have to say!
  • Vote! - tell us what you think about different development styles relating to housing, commercial, parks/recreation, and streetscape design!
  • Map YOUR Neighborhood! - help the City understand the different neighborhood identities within the community by outlining your neighborhood!

Tell Us!

Map It!

Take a few moments to drop a comment onto a map of Belton!

Zoom through a map of Belton and give us your feedback on the community! Choose from the following comment types:

Click the Add Comment button to begin!

Show Us!

Show us examples of the type of developments or amenities you want to see in Belton!

Upload an image or describe a development style/type or an amenity or facility you'd like to see in Belton. Choose from the following idea types:

Click the Show us your idea! button to begin!


Map YOUR Neighborhood!

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