The City of Pleasant Hill is excited to begin the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan to create a long-term vision for Pleasant Hill through 2050 and beyond. This roughly 15-month process will include many opportunities for public engagement and feedback.

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Phase 2 Engagement has now ended - stay tuned for draft review input opportunities in spring 2024!

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What is a Comprehensive Plan?

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Comprehensive Plans are future-oriented documents that guide growth and development within a community. Two key components of a comprehensive plan are a thorough existing conditions analysis to understand where the community is today, and the creation of a community vision through public engagement to understand where the community wants to be in the future. Once these pieces are understood, the focus then becomes identifying the strategies, policies, and action items it will take for the community to get there.

Once completed, the Comprehensive Plan should be a useful tool the city uses to make decisions about growth, development, and investments. The public can use the Comprehensive Plan as a guide to better understand the community they live in and see the strategies being employed to improve the quality of life for residents. While the plan will be comprehensive, it is not meant to be a static, unchanging document. The plan should be referenced often, reviewed annually, and updated as needed to better reflective changing community conditions.

What are the goals of a comprehensive plan?

There are many goals of a Comprehensive Plan including:

  • Focus future development & public investment

  • Serve as a community information management tool

  • Document and analyze community's existing conditions

  • Establish a set of goals for the future and how to achieve them

  • Provide guidance for community decision-making

  • Actively encourage community involvement from all residents

What is the project timeline?


The Pleasant Hill 2050 Comprehensive Plan will be completed in four phases with a projected adoption date of July 2024. We are currently in Phase 1: Research and Analysis. In this phase we are gathering as much data as possible and producing preliminary analyses to better understand where Pleasant Hill is today.

This project website will be updated in Phase 2: Vision, Input + Direction to include a variety of engagement activities for the public to participate in. Check back to learn more and share your vision!

What will be covered in the plan?


The outline shown above highlights the major components and additional reports that will be produced as part of the Pleasant Hill 2050 Comprehensive Plan update. This website will be updated again in Phase 3: Draft Plan and Evaluation to showcase the draft plan and gather feedback from the community on the recommendations!